Icon Airmada Motorcycle Helmet Review

Every Icon Airmada motorcycle helmet is built on lessons learned from earlier helmets, according to an Icon spokesperson. Icon designers are always striving to reach the next pinnacle. The company says the theme of
their latest helmet, the Airmada
, was the art of reduction. The designers’ goal was to eliminate all the extraneous elements and reduce the profile to achieve a leaner, lower look with better aerodynamics. They wanted to achieve a more comfortable ride with no distractions. According to reviews, the goal was reached. The DOT approved helmet is around 4 pounds in weight and starts at under $200 in price.

icon airmada motorcycle helmet black side.

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The helmet comes in four injection molded, polycarbonate shells with five energy absorbing EPS inner liners, a combination that gives a lighter and better fit across a wider range of head sizes. Styled for a long oval shape, the Airmada has the all encompassing fit of a high performance, aggressive ride helmet. Some riders may be put off by the snugness of complete surround, although some mentioned they liked the supportive feel. The helmet will work on street or track with an integrated rear spoiler to provide stability and a new locking mechanism for the shield that keeps it in place at the higher track speeds. The removable, washable liner is Icon’s patented antimicrobial, moisture wicking Hydra-Dry.

The shield is all new on this model. Featuring the new Icon optics, the impact resistant shield is anti-fog and UV protective. It extends an additional 5 degrees on each side giving a boost to peripheral vision. Icon developed a new rapid release mechanism; one push-button release on each side means shields can be changed out in seconds. The new locking mechanism is a stainless steel post that allows for a solid seal to lock out noise and dirt.

icon airmada motorcycle helmet side

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Airmada’s innovative improvements extend to the venting. Its predecessor has five air vents; this model has seven, and the vents are big. A recessed two-channel super vent at the top, a new large mid-chin vent, top brow vents and side chin vents in combination with the six extractors of more than the industry-leading 10mm each, give an almost unlimited number of venting combinations. Designed at 45 degrees to the body, the venting works well at lower speeds.

The helmet is marketed to a younger rider with bold taste. Safety and comfort are not overlooked; Airmada meets world standard safety requirements and each helmet gets Icon’s premium padding, but its selling point is its graphics. Boasting some of the most forward leaning graphics in the business, the designers offer three packages that glow in the dark, including Chainbrain, Hoodoo and Charmer. Some packages are limited edition. The graphics are crisp and full-colored giving attention grabbing appeal right from the box. An added bonus from Airmada is the shield side plates come with matching design for a custom paint look.

icon airmada motorcycle helmet custom paint

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There are some complaints with this helmet. The chin vents are operable by moving a slider on the inside of the chin area. Because of the tight neck opening, a few reviewers mentioned scratching themselves with the plastic of the slider when trying to maneuver the helmet over their heads. Some complained of whistling. Since whistling is caused by an incomplete seal on the face shield, one person said he solved his problem by replacing the shield. Some mentioned the helmet is noisy with all the air movement, but most felt the noise would only become bothersome on longer trips.

Most reviewers are pleased with their purchase. Icon’s new Airmada offers the safety and comfort a young rider needs while giving him the styling and look he wants. And it does it at a price he can afford.

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