IV2 901 Motorcycle Helmet Review

IV2 makes a lot of motorcycle helmets, and they’re all really affordable. That’s one of the reasons we look at their products so much here. We know that we can pretty much find the absolute cheapest lids from this company and for a lot of people price is the top priority (hopefully after safety, of course).

The IV2 901 motorcycle helmet is one of the more popular helmets. It’s a full face helmet and comes with a couple visors (one smoked, one clear), which is a nice add on, especially when you’re paying under $50 in most cases (we like to get stuff off of Amazon.com because we can find the cheapest prices and they’re usually pretty good if you have any issues). The visors are pretty easy to get on and off and the dark one isn’t so black that you can’t use it at night.

IV2 901 motorcycle helmet matte black.

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This is a DOT approved helmet, so it meets the federal requirements for safety. That’s an important thing to look out for when you’re buying a helmet, particularly one in the lower price ranges, because often you’ll get a company that doesn’t have full DOT certified helmets and some people even just get a DOT sticker and put it on their uncertified helmets. The authorities might not know, but your head certainly will if you’re in a crash. This has EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) as an impact liner that meets the safety requirements you need.

One thing to remember with the 901 is that it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles and isn’t of the same quality as even some of the base models of the premium helmet manufacturers. For example, it will come nowhere near the quality and longevity as Arai’s Vector-2, which is basically their ‘entry level’ model. The paint won’t stay nice forever, it won’t give you 100% protection (yes, even though it passes DOT standard safety tests), and it likely won’t fit as nicely or comfortably as some (though you can remove the cheek pads for cleaning which will help keep it fresh).

iv2 901 motorcycle helmet back.

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However, like we said above, the issue for this one is the price. If you don’t want to spend $100+ on a new helmet, you can certainly get by with this one, and in fact, we’d recommend you look at this one first if you want to spend $40-$70 on a helmet.

The great thing about this is that we looked into what actual users of the helmet thought and were truly blown away by the amount of positive reviews this has. From about 200 reviews, which is actually quite a lot for a helmet (some only have 1 or 2, even if they’re good helmets), the IV2 901 motorcycle helmet gets a solid 4.0 out of 5 stars on the Amazon reviewers section , with nearly 50% of owners giving it a perfect 5 out of 5.

IV2 901 Motorcycle Helmet raised visor.

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You have to take into account that some people will have given bad reviews because they had bad expectations (seriously, you can’t expect this to outperform a $500 helmet), so taking all that data into account gives us a pretty positive picture.

Multiple stories are told where this helmet saved someone’s life, and a lot of people dig the sharp look of the helmet. It comes with a helmet bag included in the box as one more benefit, which you wouldn’t necessarily expect from this price point.

Overall, it saves lives, looks pretty good, and will do a decent job if you’re on a budget or looking for a secondary/backup helmet.

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