Shoei Neotec Motorcycle Helmet Review

When premium motorcycle helmets are under discussion, Shoei’s modular Neotec is soon introduced to the conversation. The aerodynamically engineered helmet is designed to be sleek, quiet and comfortable; all three qualities are found in abundance.

Because a great helmet is only as great as its fit, a rider with a neutral to slightly round shaped head will get the best fit with the Shoei Neotec motorcycle helmet.

The helmet weighs a little under 4 pounds and comes in seven colors: black, matte black, white, anthracite, light silver, wine and brilliant yellow. Size range, spread across three shell sizes, is from XS to 2XL. There is not a true niche for a modular; it is a personal choice only and works well for many different types of ride.

shoei neotec motorcycle helmet

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Shoei took the Multitech, its popular modular staple, and made it better.

The wider, fuller face plate is anti-fog, anti-scratch and can be used with or without the UV blocking sun visor. Or it can be lifted out of the way.

The EPS-lined chin guard can also be lifted away to give a full open-face helmet.

Shoei focused on ventilation and noise dampening. The ergonomic 3-D liner is designed to fit snugly around the neck and chin area to seal out outside sound. The Shoei Neotec motorcycle helmet has a double ridge chin guard and minimal protuberances on the helmet, as well as a quality stainless steel locking mechanism on the face plate to cut down on wind noise. The helmet spent many hours in Shoei’s wind tunnels being perfected, and the effort is obvious. Ventilation is tremendously beefed up. Shoei claims to have improved ventilation more than 275% from its earlier models. The dual layer EPS liner has deep, long air-channeling grooves, the front of the helmet is equipped with a much larger intake vent, and the most dramatic change is the inclusion of a back exhaust vent. With the exhaust vent open, air flow is noticeable.

The liner is completely removable, washable and easily reinserted. Speaker recess is built in, and there are interchangeable cheek pads for customized fit and comfort. Aerodynamic styling includes a single pivot point for face plate and chin guard. As one reviewer says, the chin guard goes up and down as smooth and silently as a luxury car. Adding to the aerodynamics is a groove built into the helmet into which the sun visor slips out of the way.

The DOT approved helmet is on the higher end of quality and price with a listing of just under $600. Time after time, though, reviewers on Motorcycle Superstore, Amazon, and other helmet discussion sites say it is well worth the money. Overall reviews are positive. Most are raves. One person wrote of a “get off” he had while taking a high speed sweeping turn on loose gravel. The Neotec-protected rider slid across the gravel but sustained no head injuries. He did immediately purchase a brand new Neotec as a replacement.

shoei neotec motorcycle helmet gunmetal grey raised visor.

>>Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings and Reviews on Amazon<<

A few people do have issues with the helmet. Several mention that opening the rear vent makes the helmet very loud. Since opening the vent makes it feel that fans have been turned on, people compromise and leave the vent partially open. Some complain of continual excess noise, with one saying that a crosswind caused whistling sounds in his helmet even when he was not moving.

Because the helmet is well built, with more than 95% of reviewers across multiple platforms giving a good to excellent rating, excess noise may be more a function of poor fit for the particular person than poor construction. If the 3-D liner does not fit snugly, it is not going to perform as well as it could – that’s where fitting your helmet comes into play. How much a helmet is appreciated is directly proportional to how well it fits.

Overall this is one of the absolute best helmets you can buy, hands down. If you are in the market for a premium helmet and like the flexibility of a modular, definitely look at buying one of these.

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