Skully AR-1 Motorcycle Helmet Review

The Skully AR-1 is one of the most anticipated motorcycle helmet on the market today and with good reason. It’s the first helmet with a 180 degree blind spot camera, which makes it the safest helmet you could possibly wear. In a world like ours where there are many uncertainties but loads of technology, the Skully AR-1 is taking motorcycle safety to the next level.

The AR-1 (AR stands for Augmented Reality) is equipped with many advanced features like Bluetooth, a rear view camera, internal speakers, and a HUD (heads up display). You can even connect it to your phone and use GPS. But aside from these amazing features the AR-1 is DOT/ECE approved, which means its safety is certified.


Based in San Francisco, the Skully team, Marcus and Mitchell Weller decided to build a better helmet after Marcus suffered a nearly fatal motorcycle accident in Barcelona five years ago. A dream Marcus had in 2012 about a GPS map floating out in front of his helmet gave him the motivation to develop the AR-1.

The Skully AR-1 isn’t another basic helmet with a bunch of fancy modifications thrown into it. The AR-1 has an aerodynamic design that provides features like a visor that fits into the shape of the helmet instead of against the outside of it. The visor itself is fog, scratch, and glare resistant. It also has the ability to electronically tint which takes the hassle out of carrying a second visor for night-time rides. The visor uses an electro chromatic liquid crystal technology called E-Tint, originally created by a company called AlphaMicron. With just the press of a button the AR-1 can toggle between day-time and night-time shade, which makes it ideal for daily commuting.

One of the coolest features offered by the AR-1 is the rear view camera. The rear view camera provides a 180 degree view of everything behind you. As a motorcyclist that, in itself, is nearly priceless. You never have to worry about a car dangerously tailgating you because with this feature you’ll be able to create a safe distance between you and them no matter what.

The built in camera can also display step-by-step GPS navigation while riding. Your hands never have to leave the throttle because everything is nearly voice activated. There is a small screen that appears just below your right eye, still well within your field of vision so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, and shows you what’s behind you with 180 degrees of crystal clear display. Although you can connect your iPhone via Bluetooth you don’t necessarily have to rely on Siri to help you out.

The fit and size of the AR-1 is based off the design of the Shoei RF-1200. Many people have raved about how well the Shoei fits them, so it makes sense that the Skully team would use that particular helmet style as a base design in the AR-1. It has a lower chin bar and rear spoiler, plus a quick release strap buckle for quick and easy removal.

The lining of the AR-1 is called Outlast. It was originally designed by NASA to absorb, store or release heat, depending on the temperature. However Outlast is not meant to completely absorb sweat, more like its trying to make it so you don’t sweat as much in the first place. An interesting design choice but it should work out well considering other helmets on the market.

The AR-1 helmet runs off of battery power. The cited battery use is about nine hours. The Skully team has noted that the average rate of use should be about one to two weeks before you’ll need to charge it, which isn’t bad at all. Although the AR-1 is a bit on the heavier side compared to the Shoei, it’s not the heaviest helmet on the market.

The average cost of the AR-1 is about $1500 but through their Indiegogo campaign you were able to pre-order one for $1299. It’s understandable that the price of the helmet might throw many consumers off, but the fact of the matter is you’re getting what you pay for. As a new technology it’s always pretty expensive at first, but within a few years the price almost always drastically drops. Just look at 3D printing.

The Skully AR-1 helmet is combining some of the most advanced technology that the world has to offer in order to create a one of a kind, safety element. As one of the most anticipated helmets on the market today we’re very excited to see more reviews as the AR-1 becomes readily available to consumers.


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